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Precision Metal Grinding Services

Lonero Engineering operates a full-service grinding department capable of performing close-tolerance I.D./O.D., jig, centerless DedTru, and surface grinding services. Our complete CNC and manual grinding capabilities are designed to accommodate complex, custom-machining applications.

Complete Metal Grinding Solutions

    • CNC and Manual O.D. / I.D. Grinding
      • Max 12” O.D. x 42”
    • CNC and Manual Surface Grinding
      • Max 16” x 32”
    • CNC Centerless DedTru Grinding
    • Jig Grinding
    • Honing, Polishing, and Media Tumbling

    More Than 70 Years of Specialized Metal Grinding Operations

    Lonero Engineering was originally established as a one-man jig grinding shop in the late 1940s. By the 1960s, the company was recognized as one of the Midwest’s leading precision metal grinding shops. Lonero has continued to expand and diversify its metalworking services through the integration of new, innovative CNC grinding technology.

    Grinding Equipment Highlights

      • (3) Chevalier CNC Grinders
      • (1) Unison CNC Grinder
      • (4) O.D./I.D. Grinders
      • (3) Parker Surface Grinders
      • (2) Sunnen Hones
      • (2) Moore Jig Grinders
      • (1) Harig Ded-Tru Grinders
      • Okamoto 16-24EX Grinder
      • Okamoto 16-32EX Grinder
      lonero jig grinder
      lonero jig grinder

      Tested to Precision Tolerances

      Lonero’s full-service grinding department is supported by a robust quality control system certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards. We have the ability to dimensionally test and inspect products to precision tolerances for superior manufacturing consistency. Our robust quality testing capabilities ensure our metal grinding operations are held to the highest production standards.

        • Starrett Optical Comparator
        • (2) OGP Smartscope FOV
        • Rockwell Hardness Tester
        • Zeiss Contura G2 CMM

        Metal Polishing, Micro-Finishing, and Laser Etching Capabilities

        In addition to our complete grinding services, Lonero offers metal polishing, micro-finishing, and media tumbling capabilities for all of our custom-machined parts. We also provide custom laser marking for your products, including: unique logos, part numbers, bar codes, and other serialization data.

          • (2) RMI Lasers
          • Epilog Laser
          • Parker O.D/I.D. Polisher
          • United CPF-1000 Tumble Polisher
          • Graviflo Tumbler Polisher

          If  you need close-tolerance I.D./O.D., jig, centerless DedTru,
          or surface grinding services, call Lonero at 248-689-9120.
          We offer complete metal grinding solutions.