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Industries Served

Innovative Machining Solutions for a Range of Commercial and Industrial Applications

Lonero Engineering specializes in CNC machining services for a diverse range of industries  from cutting-edge aerospace and defense applications to automotive manufacturing, medical device machining, and more. Discover more about how we utilize our diverse CNC machining expertise to produce optimized results for each unique industry we serve.

Automotive Manufacturing

As one of the world’s leading providers of deep rolling crankshaft tooling for more than four decades, Lonero specializes in developing innovative automotive machining solutions for many of the industry’s leading automakers.

Medical Machining

We provide consistent, repeatable production operations backed by the precision quality and accuracy required for custom medical machining applications.

Robotics and Automated Assembly Systems

Lonero Engineering can assist in developing streamlined manufacturing automation solutions for your project, including the design and production of industrial robot assembly systems.