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Precision Aerospace and Defense Machining Solutions

Lonero Engineering specializes in CNC milling, turning, and precision grinding services for some of the industry’s leading aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers. Our expertise in manufacturing difficult-to-machine components combined with our robust quality controls and testing capabilities establish Lonero as an ideal partner for complex aerospace machining projects.

DUNS: 005340294
Government Business POC: John T. Sgalia
Phone: (248) 689-9120
NAICS CODES: 332721, 332710, 333517, 333514

CNC Machining Services for Complex Aviation Products

Precision and consistency are crucial in the aerospace machining industry. Lonero’s full-service machine shop delivers on both through our versatile CNC capabilities.

Whether used in commercial airliners or cutting-edge spaceflight equipment, aerospace componentry demands the utmost in machining quality, consistency, and reliability. Lonero’s diverse capabilities in milling, turning, grinding, and custom tooling enable us to tackle some of the aviation industry’s most challenging custom machining projects.

CNC Machining for Critical Aerospace Components

Critical airplane parts and spaceflight equipment demand uncompromised production quality and reliability. From complex flight assemblies and subassemblies to intricate aerospace components and prototypes, Lonero can tackle your custom aviation machining projects with the repeatable close-tolerance accuracy your products require.

Custom-Machined Parts for Aviation Projects

Lonero’s diverse manufacturing expertise enables us to accommodate virtually any aerospace machining project with the same quality we provide to our critical parts production. From the simplest cabin components to the most intricate flight parts, Lonero provides quality CNC machining and inspection solutions that you and your customers can rely upon.

If you’re searching for a machine shop with proven expertise
manufacturing custom-machined aerospace and defense
parts for your project, call Lonero at 248-689-9120.