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Innovative CNC Machining Solutions for Medical Manufacturing Applications

At Lonero Engineering, we provide highly accurate and repeatable production machining services backed by the precision quality required for custom medical machining applications.

Precision Medical Machining Solutions

Custom CNC Turning

Lonero’s full-service CNC turning department is equipped to efficiently tackle low- and high-volume medical machining projects. We offer versatile 3-axis mill-turning capabilities, CNC hard turning, manual turning, and specialized Swiss machining services.

3-Axis Vertical and Horizontal Milling

Our complete CNC machining capabilities include 3-axis vertical milling and horizontal milling services for medical manufacturing projects requiring part sizes up to 25” x 50”.

Precision Grinding

Lonero operates one of the Midwest’s most capable precision grinding shops. Our facility offers O.D./I.D. grinding, surface grinding, CNC centerless DedTru grinding, and jig grinding services. We provide the craftsmanship to accommodate the most complex and close-tolerance grinding projects that the modern medical industry demands.

Superior CNC Machined Quality for Advanced Medical Manufacturing Applications

Lonero’s production machine shop strives to deliver unparalleled quality and consistency through advanced product testing solutions. Our quality control department utilizes advanced optical inspection equipment and coordinate measurement technology to confirm every medical machining project is completed to your specifications. Additionally, Lonero is an ISO 9001:2015 certified American manufacturer.

If you’re searching for accurate, precision medical machining solutions,
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We have years of experience producing superior CNC machined quality
for advanced medical manufacturing applications.