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CNC Machining Services for Industrial Robotics and Automated Assembly Applications

Lonero Engineering’s expertise in production CNC machining solutions includes industrial robotics systems as well as automated manufacturing and assembly projects. We have the capability to machine your custom robotics components and end-of-arm tooling from scratch, optimizing your production line for enhanced speed, quality, and consistency.

Precision Machining Solutions for Automated Manufacturing Applications

Lonero’s innovative engineering and machining services provide your facility with the robotic production equipment required to stay ahead of your competition. Our precision milling and turning department can manufacture custom automation solutions that will streamline your overall production processes and reduce your labor costs.

Simultaneously, our precision-built robotics equipment facilitates maximum product quality and consistency. This is why automated robotic manufacturing is quickly becoming the industry standard in many commercial sectors – from automotive and aerospace manufacturing to medical machining applications.

Get the Right Parts for your Custom Robotics 

Automated manufacturing and assembly solutions provide businesses with a competitive edge, helping to lower costs while increasing productivity.

Backed by more than 70 years of dedicated experience in manufacturing high-performance industrial products, Lonero is the ideal machining partner for producing your state-of-the-art robotics components.

We can help you engineer and manufacture the parts you you need to:

  • Reduce Production Costs
  • Improve Manufacturing Quality and Consistency
  • Increase Throughput and Shop Productivity
  • Maintain “Lights Out” Machining Operations – 24/7 Production
  • Accommodate a Wider Range of Machining Projects

Innovative CNC Machining Solutions for Industrial Robotics and Automated Manufacturing

Lonero Engineering provides state-of-the-art machining and precision grinding services for automated robotics manufacturing. Based in Troy, Michigan, we operate an 18,000 square-foot production facility that can efficiently tackle both low- and high-volume commercial projects. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified American manufacturer, Lonero Engineering is committed to providing superior custom machining solutions for a diverse range of the world’s most challenging production applications.

Build-to-Print Automation Solutions Developed for Your Specific Application

Traditionally, the cost and complexity of industrial robotics systems made automation only suitable for high-volume manufacturing or extremely specialized parts applications. Advances in technology, however, have made automated CNC equipment a cost-effective option  even for low-volume, small-run projects.

No matter the size or scope of your operation, Lonero’s build-to-print robotics machining services aim to provide your business with the cutting-edge equipment required to stand out within your marketplace.

If you’re ready to partner with a custom robotics manufacturer,
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We have the innovative, build-to-print automation experience
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